What is District One

District One is a web3.0 based video game playable in AR on your mobile phone but also from any platform in our own multiplayer universe. Conquer territory, confront your enemies or manage your business. In District One you are free.


Invite your friends to join your gang, and become the bosses of your towns. On district One, the game belongs to you, everything you own in the game is yours and you are free to resell it. By winning missions you accumulate items and money that will allow you to become even stronger. Your account is directly linked to your crypto wallet.

District One is coming soon to different devices
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How to play

1. Connect

2. Explore

3. Play


We have many ideas and concepts in development for District One, to create a universe that will play for as many people as possible. Here's a preview of what to expect, but keep in mind this will be updated as more ideas emerge. The project is above all for our community, which is why we remain attentive to build together the best possible game that meets your expectations!

  • Phase 1

    - Website, social media launch
    - Creation of NFT assets
    - Public sale launch
    - Creation of community around the project

  • Phase 2

    - Development of the game and universes
    - Beta release first on mobile

  • Phase 3

    - Release final version on mobile
    - Finalization of development on other platforms

The Team


Co-Founder | Game Engineer


Co-Founder | Strategy & Partnership


Blockchain Expert | Block-chain developer


Artist | Creative & Design